Tuesday, March 15, 2011

say my name

My good friends Daniel and Megan (remember when they got married) are about to have a baby any day now. Or any hour now. Super super soon. Exciting, huh?! All of this has got me thinking about baby names. Now, they have cute names picked out, but we all know those crazy parents that don't. I'm not a parent, so I haven't experience the crazy pressure of naming a child. I'm sure it has to be daunting, but I'm not sure if that's enough of an excuse to just give up and name your child whatever comes to mind. I just don't know what happens in a parents brain when they start thinking of names like Blade or Esmeralda, you know?

I just don't think I can name any future children of mine something like that. However, I also don't think I can name them Ashley (although, I know many great Ashleys), Stephanie, Makala, Justin, Taylor, Josh, etc. either. They're just too common. It's no fun sitting in a classroom with 3 other Allisons.

I also can't deal with southwestern names like Star, Cheyenne, Montana, Sierra, etc.

So, in my attempt to shy away from being a total negative Nancy, I've been trying to think of names I actually do like. These are the only ones I could come up with in the 3 minutes I set aside to think about it:

Alice, Clementine, Dolly, Annabelle, Drew (because it's my middle name and I love it)

Hmm... maybe I should think on this a little harder. What are some names you like/dislike?


Adriene said...

Southwestern names are the WORST!
Please name a child Dolly.
Edie had no alternative name, but if she'd had red hair I would have considered naming her Ruby after my grandmother. If she was a boy she wouldve been Daschel and called Dash. Drew had only one other name choice, Drake. I had no girls names I liked, they are harder.

cottage girl said...

I love Oliver (boy) and Olive (girl), but I can't have one of each, so it would be hard to choose... Also on "the list" Eowyn, Anna, Scarlett. I also love Clementine! So cute. Boys names are always harder.

Julianna said...


Allison Drew said...

Ooooh! I like June too.

Anonymous said...

harper is my favey-fave. mostly because of angels in america which is the most vile play, but she was the best character.

and kate louise. except that double name stuff would make me tongue tied i think.

also, i don't think i'm mentally capable of having children, so this might all be irrelevant.