Saturday, April 17, 2010

famous people read my blog

Remember about a month ago when I posted about how Wild Sweet Orange saved my life this past summer? Well, yesterday I was informed that Wild Sweet Orange read my blog. I mean, what?! This is the best of news. Go listen to their new project the Great Book of John right now.

Music that is currently saving my life:
- head full of doubt, road full of promise - the avett brothers
- casket oh casket - lilies and sparrows
- my father's gun - elton john
- i shall not walk alone - blind boys of alabama
- another world - chris merrit
- a lament - the dirt and the flood
- good arms vs. bad arms - frightened rabbit


Gidget said...

Love Frightened Rabbit!

ray said...

i heard that Elton John read your blog too...

Allison Drew said...

He probably did.

MeLissa said...

I'm glad you finally know the whole story. I was near death from anticipation.