Sunday, February 21, 2010

wild sweet orange = survival

There were a few things that kept me alive last summer. They were:
- my girls and boys
- an abundance of greek food
- fiber one bars
- site babies like Kentavius and Jada
- parachute games
- the narnia secret passage way
- hang night in the store (which included shout to the north)
- and wild sweet orange
Walking to and from the rec field was always the worst part of my day. It was about 340982309 degrees (well only like 95), the walk felt like at least a mile, and I had to try and keep 300 plus kids out of the road. To stay in a good mood, I would sing wild sweet orange songs in my head. It worked... and that is why I love wild sweet orange so much. Their songs are so beautiful and honest. Also, isn't wild sweet orange the best band name ever?


JennaPeyton said...

Thank you for sharing them with me. They absolutely are the best. Also, remember how Jay from Bel Air knows them?!

Allison Drew said...

Absolutely. Remember when everyone thought he was kind of crazy but us?