Monday, April 19, 2010

getting LOST

So, a few weeks ago I decided to start watching Lost. This was probably a terrible decision, but it was on netflix watch instantly and I was bored. Years ago I said I would watch it, but only if I could watch it a season at a time. Then I just got annoyed with all the die hard crazy as hell fans and decided to boycott. Sorry if I hated you for being a fan. Anyway, now I'm in the middle of season 3 and it's slightly ridiculous. I mean, I'm still sad Boone had to die. I need Juliette to leave (this is mostly because I hate that she smiles when she's sad). And I think the smoke monster is really dumb. I mean DUMB. However, I like that you get to see the good and bad side of everyone. I like that the show can shake up your ideas about morals.

So, there you go. I watch LOST. How do you feel about this?


Becca Jane said...

Oh my are just getting started....!!!!

We watched all 5 season of LOST in FOUR WEEKS!! Now we're watching season 6 each week. So addicting! I love finding new people to chat about it with!

cottage girl said...

I was all about Lost from the first episode till the end of season one. Then it got too cool for its own britches. I'm NOT one of those who thinks the writers walk on water. It's "ok" now. I'm watching this season week-by-week only cause I want to hear some answers. And they really aren't all that open with answering questions. It's like The X-Files all over again.

Adriene said...

I am a crazy fan....I dont have dharma stickers or anything...but I think about it way to much.
i love to see the good and bad...which is kinda how i see the world.