Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekend update

This weekend was good. It included old friends, new friends, sleep, webb's antique mall, the new chuck ragan album, the new mike dunn album, a fur coat, Halloween party planning committee, new jeans, good conversations, good attitudes, a million miles in a thousand years, a good cotw sermon, a good sunday lunch, ridiculous facebook status updates, crotch gun? (thank you Jonny Peace), 2 finished paintings, 5 finished handmade flower hair clips, clean sheets, iced white chocolate mocha with hazelnut, snapped.

How was your weekend? Tell me something good.


MeLissa said...

This past weekend I had homemade pizza one night and then drank coffee and had lunch while playing card games the next morning.

PS- You just reminded my of Mike Dunn. It makes me miss Florida. I'm listening to him right now. Thanks.

cottage girl said...

I love that picture. The colors are divine.

I unexpectedly spent the weekend in Seattle. Extended trip because of a hospital stay for my friend's 3 year old. I got to play with her other kids while she and her hubby were at the hospital. Not the best circumstances, but I loved spending time with them.