Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it was just like the sun, but more like the moon

I would like to:
- visit the smokey mountains
- go on a hike
- bake an apple pie from scratch
- go canoeing
- see the welcome wagon in concert
- see a shooting star (good things seem to come with shooting stars)
- finish reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (shout out to Donald Miller)
- go on a photo adventure
- visit the Grand Canyon
- finish 2 very important paintings
- go on tour with a band (not be in a band, just ride around with them and work the merch table and wash their clothes for them)
- have a craft booth at the Olustee Festival
- visit all my far away friends


Miss Wanderlust said...

I love Donald Miller but I haven't heard of that book?? Am I crazy? His books are aways my favorites :)

Allison Drew said...

Oh yes! It's a new one. I think it's only been out a week or two. You should really check it out.

Trish is a Dish said...

This is a very fun list

cottage girl said...

A photo adventure sounds divine. I've always wanted to do that.