Friday, October 9, 2009


Who cries during an episode of the office? Me, that's who. I've waited years for this wedding. The office is one of the only shows I've been consistently watching since the beginning. And by "beginning" I mean somewhere around the middle of the first season.

A few things I would like to discuss:
- The episode began with chain vomiting. Worst ever. I can't handle that.
- "What happens in Niagara stays in Niagara"
- Kevin deciding to jazz up his style for the wedding.
- Some of you may already know this, but Kelly is my favorite character. I REALLY love that Erin is going to be her new bff4e.
- Dwight brushes his teeth with butter and clay. Of course.
- Wolf shirt.
- Most awkward wedding toast clean up. Thanks Michael.
- Bernard hotel room dance party... and the unfortunate accident...
- "Listen, I'm not the one who asked you to do a split when you've never done one before."
- Turtle boiling pots.
- Wedding dance. I think I laughed out loud the entire time.
- New office couple. Will it be Andy and Erin or Oscar and Kevin?
- I want a Jim.


Rachel said...

Augh, I cried too!
-The opening scene was the grossest. I was watching it by myself and I said out loud "is this happening?"
-The rest of the episode totally made up for it, though.
- Kevin's Kleenex shoes!
- Jim cutting his tie for Pam. Awwwww. Actually, that whole scene was adorable. "You look so pretty." SOB.
- Pam's sister thinking that Oscar and Kevin were together, and Oscar getting so upset about it.
- Michael's painting. I cracked up.
- Andy and Erin! So cute.
- The turtle boiling thing was hilarious though. "Get back in there!"
- Kelly is my favorite too! (Along with Creed.)
- Michael rejecting Toby's offer on the room.
- Michael hooking up with Pam's MOM.
Ah, that episode was everything I'd hoped for an more.

Oh, yeah, Michael telling Pam's grandma that they were going to name the baby after her.

Allison Drew said...

Ahhhh! I know! There was so much goodness in that one episode!!
- I definitely cried when Jim cut his tie!
- When did Pam get a sister? Also, I loved that Kevin was sad that Andy didn't want to date him.
- Michael's painting!! Ahaha. Also, I definitely believe that he painted a nude version for himself.
- I hope the baby isn't named Sylvia. Worst ever.

JennaPeyton said...

I cried and cried. The best episode of any show on television ever.

Allison Drew said...


Sweet Jane said...

I about peed my pants when Dwight kicked that bridemaid in the face during their dance!!!

cottage girl said...

"I want a Jim" were my exact words at the end of that episode., so good.

Jamie said...

You won a giveaway on my blog!!! =)

Carol Anne said...

I loved this episode!! I have been waiting for this wedding forever too! I was so happy and I should have known they would have danced! As soon as they started playing the music I was like "of course!!" Great episode!