Monday, February 14, 2011


Lists are really important to me life. If I don't have a list nothing will ever get done. It needs to be something I can see and check off. Mental lists are a joke.

Some things I would like to do in the next year (or so):

1. Host the most incredible Wes Anderson party ever, including thematic food, music and entertainment.
2. Try to do my laundry on a weekly basis. Or at least bi-weekly. Or maybe just not have piles everywhere.
3. Find the perfect (or close to perfect) couch for our living room.
4. Decorate my cute house. "Decorate" is kind of a relative term. I have a friend with a completely "decorated" home, but really it looks more like a house filled with show rooms. No personality at all. I want to find/make things we love to fill our house... personality and color included.
5. Stop losing everything I own.

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