Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey, I need your help!

This isn't my dress, but isn't it cute?

Lately, Ray and I have been working on our house so much that I have kind of forgot that I have to plan a wedding. Like stat. The location we had picked out kind of fell through, but I think we may have found an even more perfect place for the ceremony. My maids all have their dresses (which are beautiful) and mine is currently being made. We've talked with one of our photographer friends and will be hammering out those details this coming weekend.

A few things I need help with:

1. What do I do about my hair? I hate weird wedding curly-q up dos. I don't want a long mosquito net veil. I don't think I would hate a cute short one... but birdcage veils are kind of weird too sometimes. Maybe a cute bow or flower? Maybe a cute vintage short veil that isn't a birdcage? I don't even know. I have a girl coming over the day of the wedding to do it... I just need some sort of ideas I guess.

2. Jewels? I love jewelry... but I'm having a hard time picking anything out because I'm still not sure what is going on with my head/hair. If I have a lot happening with hair earrings might be too much. You know what I mean? Maybe I should just go with a good necklace. Ideas?

3. Rain. We're planning on having our reception in the back yard of our house. We love the idea of it being outside... but what do we do if it rains? We don't want to get a tent. Maybe we just bank on half of our guest leaving and the rest of them can come inside? Idk. Just hope it doesn't rain? Leave for the honeymoon early?



Megan Lee Webb said...

hey girl hey.

that's the dress at Webbs, isnt it!? I love that one.

Hair and jewels are my thing. You can come over sometime soon and we can play with your hair if you'd like. And I'd be happy to make you any sort of hairpiece. You know how I do.

Also, with the rain... Daniel and I didn't have a back up plan. We just said "hell with it."

and PTL it did not rain.

Ashley Watts said...

You and me are on the same wavelength here! lol

I'm thinking of a little country-themed wedding, so I'd like to go mostly natural for everything. For hair I'm thinking letting it down naturally and maybe tying up the top-half with a pretty ribbon and some wildflowers. And as far as necklaces go, I'm thinking something like a strand of pearls (no earrings for me if my hair is going to be down) and the rings on my finger, obviously. :)

I'm terrified of it raining and people leaving, but I have to go with Megan and say "whatever." I actually thought about maybe having a small tent over the areas with food/gifts/decorations/etc so that it stays dry long enough to move it if we have to. I think I might actually like it if it rains - it'd be fun to dance and have fun in a nice, warm, indian-summer rain. :)

And, yes, I know that's just me...but maybe that helps?

xo! Ash

Anonymous said...

i'm going to be completely unhelpful here and say, it's all going to be perfect no matter what you do or don't do.

but it seems to me like it would be fun to let those willing and desirous to play with your hair and lend you jewelry and such. i mean what have you got to lose?

and if it rains, i'll hold umbrellas for people so they can still tell you how beautiful you are while you eat cake and smile at people.

done and done.

Allison Drew said...

Jenna, you are already the best bridesmaid ever.

cottage girl said...

One hair suggestion: I did this when I was in a wedding in Oct. It's super easy. Just curl the ends with curling iron or hot rollers. Make a deep side part. Sweep all your hair over to the side. Secure in a low ponytail with a plastic hairband. I use and love these:

Then wrap a small amount of hair around the hairband to cover it up. Secure with bobby pin or tuck into hairband. Hairspray everything.

It's super easy and handles lots of dancing and movement. Little pieces will start to fall out and that just makes it better. My hair never holds curl, but this style worked really well.

Here's some photos:

As for the rain...umbrellas. Lots of fun colored umbrellas. Your photos would be so cute!

Have fun planning!