Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't think it's really a secret, but I'm kind of behind on all the wedding planning stuff. With the holidays, new job and new house I haven't had much time to get things together. Also, right now I just want to get married and I'm starting to not care about the little details. Like at all.

Some planning that IS completed:

1. Bridesmaid dresses. I'm obsessed with them. My maids will be wearing handmade 50's style tea dresses in different vintage floral fabrics. They are going to be so cute!

2. My dress. It's still being made, but I think it's going to be pretty good. Cute, casual and flirty. Perfect.

3. Our location. The location issue was seriously stressing me out. We had a beautiful outdoor location picked, but because of extenuating circumstances, Ray and I were both feeling uncomfortable about it. A few weeks ago our pastor told us about a church we might like. Neither of us were too excited about the church option, but when we went to look at it we realized it was perfect. It's old with tall windows and wooden pews and floors. We love it. Also, now we don't have to worry about rain.

4. Rings. We have custom handmade wedding bands and they couldn't be better.


the lady justice said...

I get you girl. The details make me weary. Enough with planning, I'm ready to get married!

But for real, your wedding will be fabulous no matter what.

cottage girl said...

Can't wait to see photos. Just reading your descriptions makes me excited, especially those bridesmaid dresses. And old churches...love. Hope everything else falls into place for you guys.

Anonymous said...

1.truth. i am in LOVE with my dress. like i'm probably going to wear it everyday until forever after the wedding.
2.duh. can't wait to see that.
3.also, can't wait.
4. let's just say it, i can't wait to see everything because it's all going to be so wonderful!