Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sick day

Dear Blog world,
I'm sick and it sucks. My nose is super stuffy and I'm really bad at breathing through my mouth. And I can't sleep. And my throat hurts. And my head feels weird. And I went to Troy Springs on Sunday believing in the healing powers of water coming straight from the middle of the earth... and the srings failed me. Ok, enough complaining. Someone make me soup, please. The end.


ashleyrwatts said...

Aw! I think it's going around - maybe it's this whole "changing of the seasons" thing?

Hope you get to feeling better. Here's some warm chicken noodle. :)

JennaPeyton said...

Miss Alice. September do not mean about getting sick. Save that trash for January when the world is ugly.

P.S. If I were there I'd make you soup, and even put chicken in it, even though that's gross. ;)

i love you so very very much.

cottage girl said...

Feel better soon! Colds are the worst.