Saturday, September 25, 2010

God loves Lake City?

I live in Lake City, Florida. It's pretty much just your typical southern small town. Recently I've been bombarded with people talking about how much they hate Lake City and all the residents. They hate the lack of things to do, the weather, their job, lack of money, rednecks, country music, girls with blonde hair, people that are too weird, people that are too normal, pop music, cowboy hats, racists, small minded people, people that work at walmart, people that haven't gone to college, etc.

This may sound elementary, but here's the thing... where ever you're at God has put you there for a reason. It's not by accident and it's not a coincidence. God gives us the opportunity to minister and love specific people in specific places. How arrogant is it for us to decided that isn't good enough? God's plan and direction for our lives will always be better than our own. So, stop complaining. Start loving and investing in the people around you and maybe you wont hate it so much.


Kaylyn said...

Thanks for this Allison. Its a great reminder for wherever we are. This was something I was struggling with coming back to school after such an awesome summer. You pretty much summed up what I had to learn and am still learning.

Also: I'd like to say that I love Lake City. Simply for the fact that there are a lot of good memories, good people, and great growth that occured there. There's no doubt that I was meant for Lake City during those years of my life. And I'm thankful for that.

I'm also thankful for those Lake Citians such as yourself.

Love you!

Adriene said...

Yes dear, it is often easier to complain than to do something to change what is unpleasing. I think that is a trap for people. And absolutely we forget that where we are is where God wants us to be for His purpose for us. I just love you, you little smarty pants. xoxo

cottage girl said...

I loved this.

I needed this.

And I thank you....