Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend in list form

My memorial weekend was pretty much one of the best weekends of 2010 thus far. It included:
- sleeping in
- swimming and pizza party at the Herndon house
- summer storms, which I've missed being away the past 4 summers
- watching the Hangover, which was actually way funnier than I thought it would be
- shopping with the girls and celebrating Liz's upcoming wedding
- spending far too much time in anthropologie
- new summer sandals from urban outfitters
- tera misu
- Pearly-poo sleepover
- staying up too late laughing with Leanne
- waking up too early
- McDonald's frappes. Yum.
- floating down the Ichetucknee River
- being flipped in my tube by Jonny Peace. RUDE.
- watching Ms. Moogoo
- delish cookout food
- playing a terrible game of taboo
- watching Can't Hardly Wait, one of my favorite movies
- eating homemade ice cream- shout out to Patricia!
- synchronized swimming at the Herndon pool

How was your memorial weekend?

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