Wednesday, June 9, 2010

summer list 2 - my fave blogs

I love hearing about new blogs. Love love love it. Blogs about decorating, fashion, theology, crafts, health, nail polish, cooking, whatever. I love them all. Here are a few of my current favorites:

1. Rockstar Diaries - A cute husband and wife team who are forever on the search for the perfect burger.
2. Meg's Musings - The most adorable girl talking about the cutest things.
3. Strumpet's Crumpets - A sweet and sassy Florida girl.
4. Mark Driscoll's blog - Good words paired with good theology.
5. Jenn's Journey - Because I love her so much.
6. Some Girls Wander - My girl crush.
7. The Lady Justice - My sweet friend Kathryn is the ultimate domestic goddest. She is wonderful.
8. My Life is Pasta - A smart and witty take on all that is awesome.
9. BlogLESS - A graphic designers dream.
10. Babbling Brooke - Because I really like nail polish.


the lady justice said...

thanks, doll. i feel honored.

cottage girl said...

I'm listening to Mark Driscoll's series on Ruth right now. SO, so good! Love him.