Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good things not by Martha Stewart

- Last weekend was brought to you by the letter "O". Olympics + Olustee festival. It made me feel like the proudest American.

- A lot of random and unexpected people have been really encouraging about my Macedonia mission trip. Thank you.

- I will also be going to Guatemala for a mission trip in September with my church. YES!

- Disney World twentyten? Possibly.

- I'm currently sitting on my beautiful blue couch, drinking a grande iced white mocha with hazelnut and watching My Life as Liz. Best.

- Today is pajama pant Tuesday. Community group style. One time I was almost kicked out of my youth group for wearing pajama pants. It's a pretty fun story. Maybe I'll tell you.

- This weekend I will be making thank you cards on my goco. It's about time. I tell you how they turn out.

- I'm thinking about making home made oatmeal cream pies. I think that will give me at least 5 domestic goddess points.

I hope everyone had a great Valemtimes Day! Tell me something good.

1 comment:

JennaPeyton said...

-Disney world 20ten is completely happening...just not spring break. Since I work for communists.

-I LOVE the pajama story from youth group. I wish I could've been besties with rebellious 13year old Alice. haha

-I will give you 50 domestic goddess points if you make homemade oatmeal cream pies.

-My valentine's day was spent worshipping the Lord, and lusting over some super cute sandals at Target. Success? I think so.

-Also, I'm sorry I didn't tell you I love you Feb. 14, but in case you were wondering, I love you every day of the year.