Friday, February 26, 2010

wayfaring stranger

This blog isn't going to say what all is in my heart, because sadly I do not have the gift of beautiful words. Although, if you're a frequent reader you are well aware of this by now. Hopefully, you will see that there is love, hope, and compassion hidden in the lameness of this blog.

For the past year (see here) I've been praying and searching for some sort of Appalachain ministry opportunity. I have such a burden for this area. A few weeks ago I came across the Christian Appalachian Project. I feel like I've found such a good match. Their Child and Family Development program is exactly the kind of thing I'm interested in.

So, what if I spent 9 months in Kentucky? How would you feel about that?


Adriene said...

I would be thrilled and oh so proud. You would be absorbing your surroundings and sharing your heart and love for Jesus. What could be better?

Allison Drew said...

Dear Adriene,
Thank you for always supporting me. I love you!