Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yesterday Jenna and I were emailing about life in our various cities, friends, sketchyness, prayer, love and Harry Potter World. Somewhere tucked into that email she said this:

"I know however that this is ministry and you don't get to pick what kind of people you love and live life with always, and I need to become ok with that. I actually need to flourish in these times because that's when the Lord will be glorified most in what is happening in my life."



cottage girl said...

So wise. Working in ministry IS tough because it always seems to involve lots of goodbyes with people you LOVE. But thankfully, they stay close to matter how far the actual distance is in miles. I was actually just thinking about this last night. As hard as this lifestyle is, the perks of forever friendships seem to balance it all out.
Thanks for posting this. And you should both come to Harry Potter World with me in December. We could drink butterbeers together and take pictures at Hogwarts. Pleeease?!

Anonymous said...

i just love you so much. so so much.