Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 things I love about... Ray!

"10 things I love about..." is going to be a new on-going feature on my blog. I'll pick a thing/person/place/etc and tell you 10 reasons why I love it. Simple huh? I decided to start with Ray because he's my favorite thing and I love him the most.

10 things I love about Ray
1. He rubs my back when I'm cranky and have a headache.
2. He dresses like a cowboy.
3. He's the leader of our tiny family and he makes good decisions.
4. He listens to me even when I talk about the same silly things over and over. Like needing a haircut or nail polish or camp stories.
5. He has the prettiest eyes a boy could ever have.
6. He cooks and cleans all the time. Like way more than I do.
7. He gets me. Even when I'm weird.
8. He introduces me to new things all the time. I mean I never would have watched Walking Dead without him. =)
9. He encourages me in all aspects. Spiritually, creatively, mentally, etc.
10. He loves me even when I'm a big old jerk. He puts me before himself and I usually don't deserve it.

Bonus - About 6 hours after I originally wrote this I was dying with a migraine. He stopping in the middle of a recording session to get me caffeine from one restaurant and a sandwich from another because he know's they're my favorite.


MeLissa said...

WAY precious. I love this.

Krystal Lee said...

aw, so lovely!

krystal x

JessM said...

Ten reasons why you love something list is a great idea! I might steal this:)