Saturday, June 11, 2011

My heart:

Let me start off by saying I REALLY love where I am right now, as far as life goes. And as much as I miss things, I would still rather be here, in bed, drinking a smoothie, next to my husband who is snoring. =) This is my second summer not working at a Fuge Camp. While I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be, my heart still aches a little for camp.

I miss my camp friends. They are exactly what you needs after a 15 hour day of hot crazyness.

I miss my students. At one point, I was them. I went to camp as a student and my life and view of ministry/evangelism/world vision was changed.
I miss my site babies. I miss sitting outside for hours in 100 degree weather playing parachute games, coloring with chalk, and telling them about Jesus. I miss seeing my campers burdened for site kids. I miss seeing my site kids run up to our vans as we pull up, knowing that despite what's going on at home, we will love them.

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