Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's in...

Cottage Girl posted something similar to this earlier today. I decided to follow suit.

What's in...

My fridge: 239483 sodas the bands didn't drink this weekend.
My freezer: 4 bags of frozen hand picked peaches and 3 bags of blueberries.
My car's CD player: Sadly, it doesn't work. But 97.1 is a pretty good oldies station.
My night stand: makeup bag, Holy Bible, Breakfast at Tiffany's, earplugs, random jewelry.
My purse: Geeze... SO MUCH JUNK. Wallet, checkbook, pens, gum, chapstick, etc.
My DVD player: we finished Walking Dead, so we'll probably start watching Deadwood again.
My head: So many things. More to come on this front.
My heart: Again, so so many things. My church, my friends, my town, weird/broken relationships.


cottage girl said...

Aw, shucks. I'm honored.

Did you like Walking Dead?! My rooommate and I can't wait for the new season. We also loved Parenthood and Parks and Rec this year. Have you watched those?

Allison Drew said...

I really really love Walking Dead until the last episode. It just didn't seem to fit. Ray's read the comic and says it's really good, so I'm still excited for next season.

I haven't watched either of those actually.

cottage girl said...

Agreed. That last episode was a little off. But I still can't wait to see what happens.