Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saturday recap

Saturday, Ray and I decided to have an adventure day ending in St. Augustine for our friend (and wedding photographer!) Kelly Ann. First, we hit up the local farmers market, which was a little sad but maybe just needs more vendors. Along the way we stopped at several thrift/antique stores but only found a few mid-century glasses and a collection of vintage Charlie Brown encyclopedias. We had lunch at Angel's Diner, Florida's oldest diner. One of the things they're known for is this drink called the pusalow which is chocolate milk with vanilla syrup over crushed ice. So simple, so good. Also, giant hamburgers and hand-battered onion rings.
After lunch we came across the Cabbage and Potato Festival. Obviously we had to stop, but the only cool thing we saw was cabbage bowling.

We made it to St. Augustine where I promptly left my phone in a pawn shop while we were looking at instruments. Really, I just got distracted by a flute. By the time we realized what happen the shop had closed. I was sad... like really sad. Good for me, I have a husband who will tell me to get over it because really, it's just a phone.

We made it to Kelly and Luke's and had the best time. They live in the country surrounded by potato fields and you can see every star at night. I love it.

Yesterday, we went back to St. Augustine to pick up my phone... and since we were in town we ate at my favorite restaurant and got ice cream.
All in all, a pretty good weekend.

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