Tuesday, May 31, 2011

long (bloody) weekend

Happy post memorial day weekend! Normally I would want to go to the River or springs on a three day weekend... but on memorial day you can't fit another tube down the river and the springs are packed. Ray and I mostly stayed in bed and watched tv all weekend. LAZY! Friday we had taco/movie night with our friends Adam and Sarah, stayed up all night watching the last 4 or 5 episodes of True Blood season 3, got doughnuts at 6am and then finally went to sleep around 7. We're wild. We slept most of Saturday then did a little grocery shopping and cleaning. Sunday, we went to church, had sandwich palooza for lunch, watched several episodes of Walking Dead (which is actually really good), Ray mowed the yard and I cleaned (sort of). True Blood and Walking Dead = weird dreams for Allison.

Long weekends are our favorite. The only picture I have of the weekend is of sandwich palooza. Enjoy! 

Also... go look at my last 2 posts! Wedding pictures!

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cottage girl said...

My roommate and I loved the Walking Dead! Creepy, yet intriguing.
I'm so jealous of people who can stay up late. My old age has kicked in, and 1am is the latest I will last anymore. Those late night college days have left me forever. Ho-hum.