Friday, December 3, 2010

Allison + Ray

Dear Blog readers that don't see me on a regular basis and aren't my facebook friends,
I'm getting married! To this precious boy.
This relationship wasn't really discussed on the blog (or many other places) because we knew we wanted to take  it seriously. We didn't want to date for the sake of dating. We didn't want to tell the world until we were sure this was what God had for us right now. But guess what... now we can discuss!! So, we're getting married April 16th, 2011. More on wedding plans, dress shopping, bridesmaids, etc to come! Get excited!
Love- Allison (and Ray)

PS- Send me links to some good wedding blogs! Also, if you're a blog reader you should probably also be my facebook friend. Make that happen.


the lady justice said...

1. Congrats. This is quite exciting.
2. Your wedding will be fab. No doubt.
3. I've got you, girl...

Trish is a Dish said...

In additon to the previous ones:


cottage girl said...

How amazing and happy! Congrats to you both. I have a friend getting married that same day. Must be something magical about that month!

I love:

Melissa said...

yay! marriage is the best!

cυpcaĸeмonѕтaaн . said...

heey.! gongrats.! i hope ur lifee turs out even better than it is. [: [ oh my gosh. i'm so cheesy. ^^ ]