Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear January 2011,
You were kind of long and you kind of stressed me out. I mean, I guess I can't hate you... you did bring me a house. But you also brought me lots of painting, cleaning and lifting of heavy things. Rude. Get outta my face!!

Dear Big Brown,
I love you... even when you're cold and loud. I love your old doorknobs and tall windows. I love your prime location and extra bedrooms. I love your Royal Tenenbaums dinning room and Life Aquatic Bathroom. Please be nice while we remove wallpaper.

Dear Laguna Vista Apartment 101,
You are gross and I never want to see you ever again. Boo. But thanks for the good memories.

Dear Christian radio station at work,
Ok, sometimes you're fun and nostalgic. I don't hate hearing an occasional audio adrenaline or toby mac tune. In fact, I usually like it. However, all the third day, mercy me, david crowder, natalie grant, etc. has to go. Ugly voice and shallow lyric Christian music should be banned.

Dear Mark Discoll,
See ya Saturday!

Dear new job opportunity,
PLEASE call me back. I need you. For real.

Dear coffee,
I don't need you. I promise...

Dear marriage,
Get here fast.

LOVE, Allison


Jen said...

oh you are the most adorable! i really really miss you.

Jen said...

p.s. "jen" is ginger because it won't let me use my real blog id. rude blogger.

Carrie Rosalind said...

Cute letters! I love this idea! :)

cottage girl said...

Mark Driscoll?! So jealous.

And I totally agree with you about Christian radio. Ours is THE worst. Same 10 songs by the same 10 artist over and over and over. It makes me want to say some very non-Christian things...

Hope you get your new job!

Allison Drew said...

Jenna- I really miss you a lot too. Like so much.

April- I know, I'm so excited about Mark Driscoll. He is giving a talk at the college called Lovelife. I'm really excited... and I'll probably blog about how it goes!