Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is Jenna and she is one of the loves of my life. We met in Mississippi 2 years ago while working camp. On the first day her roommate wasn't around, so she came to hang out in my room and just never left. That summer we laughed at our ridiculous staff, cried over our site babies, prayed over our students, died over paper party, died over mega relay, ate a lot of greek food and found way too many bobby pins on the floor. It was wonderful. She is one of the most encouraging godly people I've ever met. I don't know if I would have made it that summer without her.

In just a few short days she will be moving to Vitoria, Brazil to love people and tell them about Jesus. You have no idea how excited I am for her. Pray that she will be bold and fearless. Pray that love will conquer the language barrier. Pray for health and endurance and passion. Jenna is about to start such an amazing adventure and I'm so so proud of her!

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JennaPeyton said...

Is this payback for that time I accidentally made you cry because I'm totally crying in the tutoring center. I love you so so much. Like more than I have words to describe. Thank you best friend.