Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in my bag?

I know you're all just dying to know. Lucky for me, I cleaned out my purse about a week ago so you don't get to see all the trash, starbucks napkins and receipts. Hehh.
-fake retro target wallet
-movie stubs
-church on the way pen
-craptastic cell phone
-keys... also, please notice the amazing leather indian and dinosaur key chains.
- 3 chapsticks
-lip gloss... why do i have this? my mom probably put it in my stocking.
-lemon hand sanitizer
-red nail polish

Please notice that I have 2 movie stubs, one from Inception and one from 500 Days of Summer. I'm clearly a JGL fan. Swoon. Look out current celebrity boyfriends!!

I think I'm going to make this "What's in my bag?" post an ongoing thing.


Trish is a Dish said...

I think you should make this an ongoing thing because its adorable!

JessM said...

I think I have twelve more pounds of makeup in my purse than you do haha.
Im one step away from drag queen sometimes

Liz V. said...

yes yes! i second the on-going thing vote!

and i haven't seen inception yet, but i think (500) days of summer is fabbbbulous.

JennaPeyton said...

shut up. you know I have that same wallet in blue that I am using right now. I'll show you when I do my copycat what's in my bag post :)