Sunday, December 27, 2009

sorry boutcha 09'

A few things to come in twenty ten:
- Weddings of several people I really really love.
- More and more designing.
- Macedonia in April.
- Maybe a summer in Charleston with Baby Nick.
- Reunion with Andrea, Sarah and Baby Jenna. It WILL happen.
- Being bff with Erin.
- Road trip to New Mexico.
- Guatemala in September.
- Turning 25. Gross.
- Becoming a domestic goddess.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did, but unfortunately my camera broke so I was unable to document the festivities. Fortunately, I did acquire a holga during the holidays. Thank you Megan and Daniel. I love you both.


MeLissa said...

I hope this is your only road trip to New Mexico because that is the worst place on the planet...For reals.

Christi said...

Whoa now hold the phone MeLissa, both your friend from Inlow, Cody, and I live in New Mexico and we both happen to think it is not the worst place on the planet.

Allison on behalf of the entire state of New Mexico we are honored to be the destination of your road trip