Monday, May 11, 2009

young and so suspicious

packing. first aid certification. sewing. finishing cd packages. true blood (and my fave characters Terry and Lafayette). new mewithoutyou. Alee and Audra text conversations. bug juice. organizing. oh my sweet carolina. mountains. seeing camp friends in 3 days. world vision. amen and dance. Chris Thile. so much laundry. procrastination. ice cream. shopping. lists and lists. Mississippi. summer.


cottage girl said...

Please tell me you are going to blog while you're at camp this summer! I can't wait to hear all about it. We can swap camp stories about mosquito bites, sunburns, campers who carry their purse during group games (do your kids do that? so bizarre!), praise and worship with crazy motions and those tough lessons God is forcing us to learn. Camp is almost here!!

Allison Drew said...

Oh Yes, I definitely will continue blogging this summer! And yes, what's with purses at rec activities?! It makes no sense to me.