Wednesday, October 27, 2010

you say it's your birthday?

Well, on friday I will be 25. Mid-twenties. Gross. Ok, actually I'm kind of excited because I like birthdays. A few things on my birthday wishlist:
1. to watch Meet Me in St. Louis and 16 Candles
2. a vintage tooled leather purse
3. any fun and or vintage jewelry
4. a starbucks gift card worth $9586094685
5. a teal or mint green kitchenaid mixer
6. a tea kettle
7. anything sweet and hand made by you
8. to spend time with my favorites this weekend


JessM said...

Hey Happy 25.
I can't wait until I'm 25...22 has sucked
Number 4 sounds perfect, haha

JennaPeyton said...

Oh my goodness. It's like you already knew what I was doing. I'm totally making you something that you've probably already seen on the interwebs, but I think you need in your life; also, you're getting a phone date on your bday. You are the most wonderful. Love, Jenna

p.s. your present will probably be mailed on your birthday; you know Jenna do mean about procrastination.

MeLissa said...

Sick. Old.

Actually, you're right. It's not so bad.

leslie said...

...girls, just wait until you get older. Then tell me what you think.

Happy birthday week!

Brie said...

24 is definitely already mid-twenties.

Trish is a Dish said...

I will be 25 in March... although I already think I'm 25... or 23 depending on the day. I get confused easily :)
Anyway... happy happy birthday eve!

cottage girl said...

25 is fantastic. Happy Birthday!! Hope you get a bunch of things off your wish list.