Thursday, October 14, 2010

I went on a blog break

I haven't been blogging much recently and I pretty sure it is a direct result of being disgusted with so many blogs I've been reading lately.

-We're insecure so we blog about how cool and secure we are.

-We've been hurt so we blog about how hateful everyone is to us.

-We aren't sure who we are so we blog about who we think we are. Or who we are pretending to be.

It's heartbreaking. Blogging is an easy way to become completely self absorbed... and I really don't want that to happen to me. Does that make sense?


Liz V. said...

yes! this makes sense to me... i think there's a fine line, and it can get a little tricky. i never feel that way when i read your blog, just stay true to who you are and that will show through to us blog readers!

Allison Drew said...

Aw, thank you so much!

Adriene said...

I agree with Liz, you arent self absorbed. your posts are often thoughtful, inquisitive observations. You're sharing the best parts of you.

Trish is a Dish said...

I think blogs are intended to be a little bit self centered... it's essentially an online diary... and diaries tend to be about you, about your journey, about your hopes/dreams/fears. It's where you express yourself and figure yourself out.
So my blog is about me. It's not because I think I'm better or cooler, it's because that is the subject matter I know the most about.