Thursday, August 26, 2010

girls vs. boys

Most of my guy friends are musicians. They talk about the same things over and over and over and over.

This is what they always want to talk about:
guitars, cab, bass, orange, frets, tone, reverb, lyrics, fender, blues, deville, harvest moon, tabs, marshall, tube, peavey, etc. Sometimes they will talk about food and sports and sci-fi.

This is what I always want to talk about:
dresses, cupcakes, makeup, nailpolish, starbucks, crafts, taking pictures, jewelry, nancy drew, apple butter, true blood, cute boys, old pictures of ladies in fun dresses, vintage circus things, anthropologie, dolly parton, blogs, etc.

Is this true for everyone else or just me?


cottage girl said...

I have to admit that I could talk sci-fi for hours upon hours. But I'm a big nerd. However, Anthropologie, blogs, books, crafts, taking pictures...girl, I am SO there with you.
ps...I so wish that we lived near each other so we could discuss those things in person, too. I think our discussions could go on for hours. ♥

Allison Drew said...

I absolutely agree!!

JessM said...

I love talking about music, but I hate talking about amps, and equipment.

I equally love talking about make-up and celebrity husband material.

Trish is a Dish said...

Allison- I can totally relate!

Adriene said...

yes this never changes. However, if you are with a nerd, he will talk about things like DSL, fragments, binary code, and video games that noone else that isnt an old nerd has heard of. snoriffic!