Friday, March 5, 2010

yesterday I was a crazy person

I consider myself a relatively sane person... but we all have our moments. I had mine yesterday. I had a lot of ridiculousness going on in my brain. Things I had on my mind: my benefit concert tonight, making a speech, wedding shower preparations, making food for said shower, cleaning for said shower, the actual shower, hanging new curtains, grocery shopping, preparing for guest staying at my house, preparing for new roommate moving in, preparing for Macedonia, packing for Macedonia, figure out all the details for CAP, etc. So, I went crazy for a few minutes, cried, made a few phone calls, got some starbucks and now I'm all better. Well, mostly. I'm still slightly stressed, but once this weekend is over I should be good to go.

The good news: This weekend I will be making chocolate cupcakes with home made peanut butter frosting and a spring wreath for our door. Domestic goddess? I think yes. Also, please check out my awesome necklace in that picture.


cliff said...

the necklace that cost way too much.. but it is cool, i'll give you that.

Allison Drew said...

yes, cliff. WAY too much. also, i love you.