Friday, March 19, 2010


This weekend will hopefully include:
- dexter season 1
- murray hill theatre
- margot west
- packing for macedonia (it takes me about 3 weeks to pack for anything)
- shopping with my riti
- enjoying spring
- filling out paper work for Christian Appalachian Project
- churchy-church
- maybe a painting project
- maybe a little holga photo adventure
- quality time with Louch and Pearl
- quality time with Maria
- relaxing after the most ridiculous 2 weeks of my life
- sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep


Brie said...

Azalea festival?

Allison Drew said...

When is that?

cottage girl said...

I totally pack that way too. A little at a time and then finally cram it all in at the last minute.

Ashley said...

awww it was last weekend! you should have come, we went.

You need to make a list-y list that includes spending time with us at the big blue in white springs. and bring that sister of yours of course!