Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas village? For real?

Things I will never want for Christmas:
- video games
- a Christmas village
- a giant tv

Things I will always want for Christmas:
- reunion with Andrea, Jenna, and Sarah
- everything from Anthropologie
- a date with Luke Wilson

What do you want and not want for Christmas?


Ashley said...


-gift cards to buy clothes
-entertainment things
-someone to fix all the stuff in my house!

Jenna said...

Clearly I agree on the don't wants and the wants like crazy-s, but if I have to be original...

I will never want:
-a snuggie
-an animal
-a lipgloss. Dear Teri, don't even think about it...

I will always want:
-a reunion...I have to copy, it's #1 on my list to Santa!
-everything from Williams Sonoma
-Ray Lamontagne

...Also I would love to remember what all my stinking passwords are; my memory is the worst.

Rachel said...

No thanks - weird lingerie from my grandma -- this actually happened one Christmas - all the women of the family (including my MOTHER and the other GRANDDAUGHTER) got a whole bunch of lacy stuff. Thank goodness I was like eight at the time and was overlooked, but still; weird.

Yes please - a Buddy Holly CD and a Jaws poster. I am simple. Also, a million dollar gift card to Sephora.