Wednesday, September 2, 2009

if this old house could talk

It's funny how looking back on the past, you see things very differently than you did when they were actually happening. Like how something hard or upsetting now seems funny and awkward. Or something that seemed way awesome at the time, is now incredibly embarrassing... especially when there is photo evidence. Like how about that time I liked skillet? Gross.

I know that life and relationships are always changing. We change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Regardless, we change. When I think about the relationships I've had with people in the last ten years or so, I'm just incredibly taken back by how they've disappeared, grown or transformed into something completely different. And then there are people I met 3 months ago that I can't imagine living without.

I like how God puts specific people in your life at specific times for specific reasons.

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cottage girl said...

Oh, my. I love this post. Well spoken. Would those "3 month ago people" be some of your camp friends? If so, I completely understand that. I'm right there with you at the moment.