Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things on my mind:

This work day has been pretty terrible, so to try and stay positive I'm letting my mind wander to other things. Here are a few:

We're having a yard sale on Saturday. I hate hosting yard sales but I also hate junk taking up space in our house.  So, if you live in north Florida please come buy all of our junk... I mean treasures. =)

Guatemala. We're leaving in a week. I'm slightly horrific at packing and now I get to pack for 2.

Thanksgiving. Ray's family has a gigantic Thanksgiving celebration every year. Last year was incredibly overwhelming with so many people I had never met before. Sometimes I'm shy and I get awkward when lots of people are talking to me. Or not talking to me. Anyway, this year is round two and I'm less shy because I know everyone's name. Also, I want to bring a delicious side dish so I can trick everyone into thinking I'm domestic. Suggestions?

Christmas decorations. I either want a tacky silver tree or a live tree. I haven't had a live tree since I was about 5. I want lights on the outside of our house. I want to make our stockings out of left-over wedding burlap and vintage sheet fabric.

I would like to go to Disney World. Or Harry Potter world. Or a museum.

How is it only 4:00?! Ugh.


Kristen Franks said...

I have an excellent squash casserole side dish that I think I will be making for our Thanksgiving :D, I will gladly pass it along.

haha my word verification is: allyme

cottage girl said...

Come to Harry Potter world with ME! December. Christmas time. Blog friends hanging out. Sounds like a great time, right?!

Allison Drew said...

Ahhh! Yes! You absolutely HAVE to let me know when you're in Florida.