Sunday, July 31, 2011

awkward and awesome weekend

-Going to a wedding shower at your childhood church and ladies assuming your a heathen because you now attend a different church.
-Old lady asking me if I'm scared all the time because I live in the ghetto. What do you even say to that? No?
-Realizing people think Lake City has a ghetto.
-Creeper patient insinuating his back hurts from all the "wild times" he's had with his girlfriends (yes, with an "s") lately.
-Cinnamon ham.

-Husband got a hair cut. What a hunk. Excuse the sandwich.
-Mochi Saturday afternoon. Embrace the toppings.
-Captain America Saturday evening. It was actually really good. Anything Tommy Lee Jones is in I will love because I love him SO much in A Coal Minor's Daughter.
-Hanging out at the Mother-in-law's hamburger birthday party which included our favorite cousins and coca-cola cake.

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Newlymeds said...

Haha this is SO funny!