Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 things

10 things list, inspired by this post by cottage girl. You know how much I love a list...

1. We're back and I'm officially living in Big Brown. I love living with Ray and I love our house. #realwordlbigbrown

2. Last night I met a tiny week old babe named Abe. Well, actually named Abram. He was so sweet and made silly faces. I've reached the age when friends have started having babies... it's kind of weird, but really sweet.

3. I found a vintage catherine holm green lotus tea kettle for $1 (yes, $1!!) Monday at a thrift store. It's my first catherine holm find. Hopefully not my last.

4. Tuesday evening wasn't great... but then Ray and I decided to look over guest book photos from our wedding and it made everything better. The mixture of sweet and hilarious photos were wonderful. I will be sharing some here soon. Our good friends Jonny and Leanne took charge of our digital guestbook and did such an amazing job!

5. While on our honeymoon, Ray and I stopped in the teeny town of Milton, Fl at an antique store called the Copper 'Possum. We found a vintage chalkboard (which I've wanted for about a year) for super cheap. It now lives in our kitchen.

6. I need to figure out a new way to store and display my jewels. I have a LOT of jewelry. Anyone have a good DIY solution? Not a jewelry tree.

7. In the next few months I will be getting my first tattoo! I'm not sure if I want to get it in the summer because I will have to stay out of the river and springs for 6 weeks... and that will make me really sad. And hot. It's going to be super cute and fun though. I can't wait to show you!

8. Ray and I will be DIYing our Thank You cards. We have some pretty cute ideas so far.

9. I miss New Orleans food. And drinks.

10. I'm glad I've started blogging again.


cottage girl said...

List reply:
1. Friends' babies are the best. I love giving them treats and making them love me.
2. So jealous of your vintage shopping. We have THE worst shops here.
3. In regards to jewelry...I found this on Pinterest yesterday:
4. So happy you are blogging again!

The Last Lovely Leaf said...

Ice cube trays make great diy storage for earrings...Or tackle boxes...or tie holders....

Ashley said...

6. i have this really cute idea in one of my better homes and gardens magazines.. or maybe i saw it on someone's blog. anyway. it's a cork board that's been cut into a circle (or fun shape of your choice) good for painting. you could make little boxes to attach for small things.

i need to come and see your house. it sounds awesome and old. =)